Biography of Salvador Dali

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Eldis Lima
Art 100
Professor: Plourde
9 April 2013, Spring Qtr 2013
5 Page Research Paper
Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was a pioneer. Few pages are not enough to tell the story of an eccentric, hardworking, disturbed and misunderstood master. Born in Figueras, Spain on May 11, 1904 near France into a middle class family. Childhood was turbulent, difficult, and abusive. Raised full of indulgences by his mother that resulted in the known eccentricities he had. (Dali, Secret Life, 115). Bright, extreme intelligent and fast learner child that created highly sophisticated drawings by age 6. In 1916 went to study drawing at College de Hermanos in Figueres, starting to show eccentric behavior for the first time. Later in Academia de San Fernando in Madrid he explored forms of art from Classical to Modernism and was deeply influenced by Dada, Metaphysics and Cubism movements influencing his work. In 1926 he met Picasso, Miro and other intellectuals in Paris jumpstarting his connection to Impressionism, Futurism, Cubism and ultimately Surrealism as a painting style. (Dali, Secret Life, 205). Dali started surrealistic painting by creating small oil collages that he called “dream images”. Using a meticulous painting technique, he mixed strange hallucinatory elements with psychoanalytic context inspired by his early readings of Sigmund Freud's books. Dali took these theories so seriously that before and during painting sessions witnesses said, he will trance into a state of mental exercises “to access the subconscious and enhance his artistic creativity”. Between 1930’s to 1950’s Dali achieved most of his glory with exhibitions around the world, exhibiting his works and his flamboyant stylish personality. With illness and almost bankrupt, he retired in 1974 to create the Teatro Museo in Figueres, Spain. The theater was built from remains of a destroyed building, based in his design is considered the World's largest Surrealist structure...
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