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  • Published : April 21, 2014
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SOSC1980 Psychology and Everyday Life
Thought Paper
Stress and Coping
Tang Wing Hin
[email protected]
20 March 2014

All of us face stress in our lives. Sometimes stress can be good to us, a stressful event may make us stronger, forcing us to make an attempt to solve the problem. However, stress can be harmful and affect us in various ways if we do not cope with it properly, it can link to psychophysiological disorders and prevent people from dealing with life adequately. In order to have a higher sense of well-being, there are several types of stress coping strategies we can employ to improve our mood during stress times.

Emotion-focused coping and problem-focused coping are the most successful strategies to deal with stress (Folkma & Moskowitz, 2000, 2004; Baker and Berenbaum, 2007). In emotion-focused coping, we can change the interpretation and the way we think about the threads that lead to stress, by means of perceiving problems positively, everything happens with a reason and has its bright side. It is useful to relieve stress when I perceive the problem or situation as a challenge, and believe it can make me more mature and stronger after facing it.

In problem-focused coping, we can try to change the situation by altering the source of stress and solving the problem. For example, if we fail in an exam, we could set a study plan to improve the performance next time. I always focus on how to control the situation so that stress can be reduced when the situation is changed.

Some types of stress coping strategy are proved to be less effective. One of it is avoidant coping. People escape the situation by drinking alcohol, taking drugs and overeating to avoid facing the stressful problem. But such kind of stress coping only leads to a delay of facing the problem, making the situation even worse (Roesch et al., 2005). I have tried to escape stress by playing computer games, it is useful at the time I...
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