Benefits of Education

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  • Published : June 11, 2013
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Benefits of Education
The education system of America has faced severe scrutiny. There have been many who have claimed that the schools of today are nothing but a waste of time and harmful towards youths independence and creativity. They believe that our education system is in need of serious reform and they are wrong. The outspoken, spoiled citizens are giving our nations education system a bad name. It is the very educational system they are scrutinizing, that gave them the resources to formulate such ideas! Where would this nation be without public education? In a dark, chaotic place where no new knowledge is obtainable. Even learning the basics of reading, writing, and arithmatic would require an ungodly amount of effort. Our education system is doing a great job of teaching our nations youth, and anyone who argues otherwise is not grateful for this gift America gives.

Recall what you have learned since starting school, now imagine your life without that. Do you suppose that you would have naturally acquired such information? Daniel Quinn theorizes yes, that all knowledge obtained through school could just as easily be learned from imitation. I couldn’t disagree more. Take reading for example, there are millions of people today, in this country, who are illiterate. Imagine how that number would grow if there were no schools to guide students along the pursuit of comprehending language. Americans would be lost, there would be very little communication amongst the people and our nation would be thrown into complete disarray. Imagine driving on the highway and not being able to read which direction you were going. How would matters be accomplished if it wasn’t for the utilization of language, but how would language be learned if it wasn’t for school? It wouldn’t, or at least not in depth. Materials are learned with more ease when they are being taught. Trying to figure subjects out on ones own can prove to be rather difficult and take much more time than if...
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