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Directions. This is a study guide and you are to follow exactly the directions and model for doing study guides which you will find in the syllabus. The more you write the higher your grade. In brief, you are to download my questions in bold Times New Roman 12 font; then respond in regular, unbolded font with detailed discussion, supported by quotation(s). Scroll down and do the “Readings” and then go to the “Questions to Answer” which you will find by scrolling to the bottom of the introductory material. Do not include in your study guide any of the introductory sections you will see following. I only want to see the questions put into your guide, your responses, and your quotations.

You should quote from one of these two versions which you will find online at these links. If instead you wish to use another version, check with me first. You must tell me at the head of the guide which version you are using. New American Standard (NAS) The NAS is written in a formal style, but is more readable than the King James Version. It is highly respected as the most literal English translation of the Bible. New International Version (NIV) The NIV offers a balance between a word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation and is considered by many as a highly accurate and smooth-reading version of the Bible in modern English.

A Brief Overview to Begin. There are two testaments or collection of books in the Bible written by some 40 authors: (1) the Old Testament (OT) is a translation into English from the original languages (Hebrew and a little in Aramaic, a related Semitic language); (2) and the New Testament (NT) which was originally written in Greek. Protestant Bibles contain 39 books in the OT (which match exactly in content, though in different order the 22 books of the Hebrew Bible); whereas Catholic Bibles expand the number of accepted books to 46. In the NT both Catholic and Protestant Bibles have the same 27 books.

Rationale. Selections from the Bible are in virtually every college in the nation and selections are in every Western literature textbook on the market, including the one we are using; which is evidence of a realization of the importance that the Bible has exerted in shaping the culture we have inherited. In practice, however, not enough weight is given in these textbooks to the Bible as compared with Classical (Greek and Roman) selections, yet in comparison, the Bible’s shaping influence on Western culture has been much more substantial: our textbook, for example, gives the barest attention: only 66 pages deal with selections from the Old Testament, and a scant 15 to the New Testament, out of a total of 1142 pages covering the readings in this course. This guide is intended as a balancer and will give more weight to the Bible as a way of matching the importance for the West that the Bible has exerted. We will concentrate in this study guide on the Bible and in places contrast the ideas there with those found in Greek and Roman literature in our text, The Norton Anthology of Western Literature, 8th ed.

Creation, Flood, Jewish Nation, Law, Kingdom, Prophecy
Use your Bible or choose one from this website: The Bible should be either Catholic or Protestant and be a standard translation. If in doubt, contact me. Readings

Events and People
Chapters to Read
Beginnings: the Universe and the First Humans
6 Days Creation, Adam and Eve—

Genesis, chapters 1-3
Judgment: Earth Destroyed by God

Noah and World Flood—
Genesis 6-8
Jewish Nation Part I: Covenant and Tribes
Jewish Race Born: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph—

Genesis 12-50
Jewish Nation Part II: Leaving Egypt and Giving of the Law
Jewish Government: 613 Commandments of the Law Given to Moses

Exodus 1-20
Jewish Nation Part III: Moving into the Promised Land

Conquest of Land of Israel and Period of the Judges—
Joshua 1-6, Judges 1-3, 13-16
Jewish Nation Part IV—the Kingdom...
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