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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Delante' Lindsey
October 2, 2012
3rd World History
Compare and Contrast China and Egypt
Have you ever wondered what it was like in ancient times? How they dress, what they did, and what were their rules? These are questions people ask themselves or each other every day. This essay will focus on the come up of China and Egypt and a few things they did to get their civilization off the ground. There are many similarities between the two civilizations. One thing they had in common that stood out to me is that these two cultures buried people who died with items that had value to them when they were living and practiced ancestor worshiip. The reason for this discussion is becausse I think it is amazing. In modern timeswhen people die, they get a fancy casket and outfit or by cremation (the burning of a deaad person's body after a funeral service is held for them). These two civilizations, no matter if you are low class, middle class, or at the the top, when you die, you have a funeral serive and get buried in the ground with your most prized possessions. Another similarity between the two civilization is that they both experience floods throughout the year. This is very important beacuse they need floods to survive. They use the floods for food, bathroom use, and showering purposes. The downfall of all of this is that it will wipe out everything in the way if it happens to flood too much throughout the entire country. The good part about it is that it doesn't flood that much in neither civilization. They have many differences between them as well. One difference is that they built different things for different reasons. China for example, they built the Great Wall of China. In case you didn't know, the Great Wall of China was built between 1368-1644 and is still standing today. The reason for the Great Wall being built was to keep invaders outside from trying to coming in and attempting to take over. if it wasn't...