Cellphones Shouldnot Be Allowed in Classroms

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  • Published : June 11, 2013
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Shelly Johnson


Cell phones should not be allowed in classrooms. One reason why students shouldn’t use cell phones in class is because they’re a distraction. If my cell phone rings in class that Means I would have to stop what I’m doing to answer it. The other day my phone ring during class. My teacher was immediately distracted by the noise. My classmates turned and all the attention was on me. My instructor said, can everybody check to make sure their cell phones are off. Everybody stop and checked their phones. Eventually, the teacher continued her lesson, but five minutes was taking away from our learning. If we continue to have those types of interruptions everyday that means we will miss out on twenty minutes worth of education each week. Twenty if the teacher cannot teach y are we spending our money to attend her class. We pay for school expecting to receive the best education possible. However if were interrupting class with cell phones, than clearly were not receiving all the knowledge needed to become successful.

Not only should students not have cell phones in class because they’re a distraction, but also because they can be inappropriately used in classrooms. During a test you can easily cheat with your cell phone. You can send text messages to friends to get answers. Most cell phones have the internet. Google is a great way to get information about lots of things. Although Google can be helpful it can also be abused. If a student is having a hard time understanding questions in class, they can go on the internet to find out answers.
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