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  • Published : July 15, 2013
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Appendix B

Audience-Focused Communication Matrix

Use the matrix to complete the information. Write 3-4 sentences for each item.

• What are some audience characteristics you need to consider? • What communication channels would be appropriate and why? • What would you do to ensure your message is effective? • What are some considerations you must keep in mind given the diversity of the audience?

|Audience-Focused Communication | |Audience |Audience Characteristics |Channels of Communication |Strategies to Ensure Effective Messages|Audience Diversity Considerations | |Managers |The Characteristics of Managers would be|Since management is part of the |Effective messages for management will |When a group of people of various cultures | | |one that can be considered all five of |organization, channels of communication |include politeness, precise, and |are your audience, there are good reasons why| | |the described audiences. The gatekeeper,|could include oral and written. Oral |clarity. Information should be well |it is important to adjust your information to| | |the primary audience, the secondary |communication would be demonstrated through |organized providing examples and |fit the audience. It is important to watch | | |audience, the auxiliary audience and the|meetings and directions of a specific task. |detailed information. Your tone will |the content and choice of details that you | | |watchdog. It depends on the level of |Written would be demonstrated through...
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