Daisy Diary

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  • Published : November 12, 2013
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Daisy´s Diary- Daisy meets Gatsby. (Chapter 4)

Friday 7th October, 1917

Dear Diary,

This fine evening the telephone in the house rang again, this time it was that lovely officer from Camp Taylor. I believe that he is the one I met the other day while having a ride with my roadster. To busy today, we arranged an encounter for tomorrow. The lovely Jordan Baker was also taking fresh air, it is not good to stay home all day, busy looking after personal issues. I am like an idol to her, Jordan that is, that sweet girl. Sad that I won’t be able to accompany her to meet those pleasant young officers when she grows a little older, but by that time I will already have my own classy companion. We will buy a gigantic front-line house, with huge windows were air always come in, and there is no need, therefore, to walk outside the house- it is sometime too hot out there.

Tomorrow evening I have already arranged on meeting, hopefully, a very pleasant man. Wearing my white lovely dress, that one that lifts a little because of the wind, I am sure to cause a delightful impression. He might even fall in love with me!

Saturday 8th October, 1917

Dear Diary,

Crossing the lilac-blue lilies, the just mowed grass; there I met the smart and clean-cut lieutenant. Jay Gatsby. He starred at me for a while, and it looked as if the world had just stopped. The birds were singing and the white-pink butterflies were fluttering around as they new something special was happening. His sparkly eyes looked close at me, those eyes that look as if they have seen what others haven’t, deep eyes that hide something- still don’t know what, though. We chatted away all evening! Such a delightful pass of time. Oxford, Paris, Venice, Rome... so many places seen by such young eyes. One day he will take me with him, he has promised, and Jay is a man of honor- wealthy also, we will definitely have a fabulous time, with all those places to visit, and people to meet....
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