Design layout

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  • Published : November 26, 2014
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Design layout
The design layout of public bank is based on red color and light color as background. The logo of public bank is 2 red diamond combine together. From far away you can see it looks like number 8. However, the color and design of public bank is basically on naturally and fresh color look. You won’t be getting bored of seeing their logo. Eventually, fresh color looks will automatically attract more people to walk in to the bank, the logo of public bank looks like diamond that very high class and special logo. Somehow, the design layout of Maybank is basically based on a tiger face with yellow color, and black color as outline. By looking on Public Bank webpage, the first impression we get is on the big news slide, its mostly about the recent stock investment updated news, regulation notice, and etc. The well-known logo is placed of the left top side and it could be clicked to transfer to another webpage such as Public Mutual, Public Islamic Bank, Public Investment Bank. Right top side is about customer service and login process for authorize user to perform more function on the website. On the bottom side, it gives the selection to link to information on further public bank like Personal Banking, Promo, Cards, Banking, Invest and lastly Insure. On the other side, looking thru Maybank webpage, the first impression we get is the flowing slides, the flowing slides mostly promoting the new way of transactions, prices giving and etc. Somehow, on the top of the flowing slides, there are several options to let customers choose which one they want to visit. On the right top side is about which department you would like to proceed or changing session to Personal banking, Wholesale banking, Investment banking, Online banking and login session for online e-payment. On the right middle hand, there is a slot that promoting what’s new in Maybank. After knowing webpage information of Public Bank and Maybank, we can know that there is differences between both....
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