Detroit Red Wings and Bias

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  • Published : May 8, 2014
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Bias is putting across an unfair or one
sided opinion.
If you had to write a fair and true story of a hockey game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings you would have to describe exactly happened.

“The Leafs were so lucky on Saturday.
The superb and skillful Wings players
were beaten by the lucky, cheating Leafs
players. The referee was totally biased.
He allowed five goals that were all
offside. I have never seen so much luck
and cheating.”

This story of a hockey
game was written by a
Detroit Red Wings fan
when her team had
lost 5-0!

The writer is showing bias, because she is putting across an unfair or one-sided opinion. The Maple Leafs are always described as lucky or cheating, but The Red Wings are always described as superb.

Historians have to be very careful because if someone is biased they are not telling us the full story or giving us a fair story of what happened. It is important to know who wrote or created a source and, why they wrote what they did. Were they being fair or unfair? Did they have a reason for writing what they did? Were they showing bias?

Bias can be very useful though as it helps us to learn about people’s opinions and beliefs.
Spotting bias is a skill that all historians need to develop.

1. Copy out this paragraph and fill in the missing words, using the words in the table to help you.
Bias is when someone has a _ _ one sided_ _ opinion about something. ____
We can recognize bias by finding _ _ _ _ _ _ opinions. Bias is useful opinions
because it helps us find out a person’s _ _ beliefs _ _or _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. ___
Supports_ _a particular hockey team , they might show
If someone _ _ _ _ _ _
_ bias _ when describing a game. Everything their team does would be __
described as _ _ _ fantastic _ _ but everything the opposing team does ____
would be described as _ _lucky _ or _ awful _.






one sided

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