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Essay on the Knights Tale

Topics: The Knight's Tale, Romance, The Canterbury Tales Pages: 5 (1636 words) Published: August 30, 2013
Discuss Questions The Knights Tale.
1. Do you admire Palamon and Arcite for sacrificing everything, including their friendship, to pursue Emily? Or, like Theseus, do you think it's sort of stupid? 2. Are Palamon and Arcite two different characters, or the same character in two different bodies? 3. Why is Emily the only character whose prayer to the gods is not granted.

The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale Theme of love and order that is combined "The Knight's Tale" shows what happens when the rules of two different systems – chivalry and courtly love – come into conflict with one another. Palamon and Arcite have sworn a knightly oath to be loyal to one another, but they both fall in love with the same girl. The problem is, the rule of chivalry, which demands knights keep their oaths, is tested by the rule of courtly love, which demands that a knight put his love for his lady before everything else. This inevitably leads to a big, fat fight between the two knights. The tale solves the problem in the character of Duke Theseus, who proposes an organized contest to solve the feud. The winner gets Emily. Theseus is the order-bringer and rule-protector from the very beginning of "The Knight's Tale," when he sets its plot in motion by punishing a king who has broken the societal rule that bodies must receive a proper burial. Yet his desire for an orderly universe is tested when Arcite, the knight who wins the joust and Emily, dies in a freak accident immediately following the battle Questions

1. How do the rules of chivalry come into conflict with the rules of courtly love in this tale? Which system of rules does Arcite claim should win out, and why? 2. How does Duke Theseus show the universe to be ruled and orderly? How does he fit death into this orderly universe? 3. How to you think the Author Is portraying love?

4. What should a man stay loyal to do?
5. What does Emily Symbolize?
From the second Palamon and Arcite lay eyes on the lovely Emily, they are pierced to the heart by a love so intense that it literally makes them ill. Yeah, they seem like drama queens, but their behavior is pretty typical of the courtly love genre. Palamon and Arcite, two noble knights, spend most of their time pining for the love of a beautiful but distant noblewoman. The knights express their love in terms of wounds and sickness. Emily, the noblewoman, becomes almost a goddess. Palamon and Arcite swear to do anything to win the love of Emily, even if it includes breaking their knights' oaths to protect one another. .

The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale Theme of Friendship
Arcite and Palamon have sworn an oath of brotherhood to one another, promising to defend one another's interests in everything. Yet the first we hear of this oath is when it's in danger of dissolving. Why might they break their promise? Because the love the same girl, that's why. Both Palamon and Arcite seem to think that romantic love is more important than bonds of friendship, and "The Knight's Tale" doesn't do much to question that point of view. In contrast to Palamon and Arcite's fair-weather friendship, however, a brief passage just after their falling-out details the devotion of Perotheus to Theseus. Apparently, these guys are such good friends that they're willing to go to Hell and back for one another. So, despite the main, unsuccessful friendship in the tale, we do get an inkling that other, deeper possibilities exist for the bond between two friends. Questions about Friendship

1. How to you define friendship?
2. It seems that Arcite renews his friendship with Palamon just before he dies. Why is he now able to be friends again? If he weren't dying, would there be any hope for their friendship? The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale Theme of Death

death makes the characters feel powerless over their fates. Like other stories that fall into the genre of courtly love, "The Knight's Tale" is in the habit of talking about...
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