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  • Published : November 26, 2014
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All about the Fundraising Academy at Pell & Bales Brighton

Thank you for coming to this interview and we wish you all the best with your application.

I’ve done my first interview, what happens next?
Your assessor will contact you to let you know if you have been successful with this application. If you have been successful we will invite you to the Fundraising Academy at Pell & Bales.

What is the Fundraising Academy?
The Fundraising Academy is a dynamic 2 days consisting of Assessment and Training followed by on the job support and development. It is your opportunity to: Develop exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

Explore the principles of fundraising.
Experience the role of telephone fundraiser at Pell & Bales.

How long does it last?
The first stage lasts between 1 and 2 days.
ASSESSMENT DAY 1 – Fundraising, Soft Skills & Assessment
We give you the essential skills to equip you to make effective fundraising calls. We give you the opportunity to demonstrate those skills.
We assess your aptitude for the role.
At the end of Assessment Day 1, successful candidates will be invited to: TRAINING DAY 2 – advanced soft skills, technical skills and Pell & Bales induction. We give you the technical knowledge you will need.

We give you the opportunity to practice making calls.
We explore managing targets and working at Pell & Bales.

Tell me more about the assessment!
Telephone fundraising is specialised. We work for the most disadvantaged of the world. We need to give you the basic skills so that we can assess your aptitude for the role. We want everyone to be successful! We give lots of support and encouragement. Everyone learns great transferrable skills and most people pass through to Day 2. Successful candidates will:

Show fantastic rapport building skills.
Deliver a scripted conversation naturally and with meaning.
Be confident and authentic fundraisers.
Be professional and mature in their approach.

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