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How You Doing?

Topics: Employment, Councillor, Collective bargaining Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: June 25, 2013
b.) Explain the different points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two different Businesses. E.g. employees and trade unions are linked as trade unions are the pressure group that employees might use to negotiate pay and conditions with the employer -M1

Stakeholder points of view (M1) The stakeholders in the case of Social Services view the service in different ways: [example notes] Councillors They hope that people get excellent services in the localities they represent and that they will vote for them again in future elections. Councillors are involved in decisions to do with operating the Social Services in the city. They take advice from senior professionals within the Social Services field. Councillors are accountable to people for what they do and they will try to listen to local people at surgeries. Officers These are the full-time professionals who interpret government policies and advise councillors on the best way to deliver services. These people are not accountable to the electorate so they must act in the interests of the whole department and the City Council. Unlike in a private business, where one boss can guide the whole business, a local council has many different strategies. Officers in a City Council carry out the strategy no matter if it acts against particular persons’ particular interests. Citizens These people are the ones who could gain from the services offered, if they qualify for help. Everyone might need help from Social Services. This is called a ‘common interest’. As a citizen of a city, people can choose to participate in decisions of common interest. They can vote, go to meetings or stand for election to council. Businesses Local businesses might get business contracts from the Social Services Department. It is in their interest towork with them and help them to succeed. Government National government in London sets the national goals and policies for Social Services and gives...
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