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IntroductionSince December 1978 China Has Implemented

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  • Published : November 14, 2014
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Since December 1978, China has implemented the the reform and opening-up policy which is the most important and significant economic policy and the great turning point in the modern China. Since the, the economic transition from planned economy to deliberate economy has began, and it continue to this day. In 1980, China has set up the first special economic zone-Shenzhen, where is the most developed places. In 1996, Wal-mart opened its first store in Shenzhen. At 29 July 2006, the first trade union-Jingjiang Union Branch in War-mart has been established. There are 25 employees of the Wal- Mart selected seven-member who consisted of the union committee.As the following three months, the trade union of Wal-Mart have fully formed, which break the tradition that reject the trade union in Wal-Mart. As the biggest retail in the word, the core concept of its management is that “Respect Individuals”. However, in July 2013, the employees at Distribution Center Department in Wal-Mart have organized a collective strike. The employees dissatisfied with Wal-Mart who fired the employees and changed their jobs without any reasons or some reluctant excuses. These actions have caused the extreme discontent from the employees. The final blasting fuse of this strike was a disappointing bill about salary increase that housing allowance was merged into basic wages. After this strike, the management of Wal-Mart has to introspect themselves and take some effective measures to rebuilt the good relationships between employers and employees. In this case, my aim is to develop an ER strategy for management of Walmart stores in Shenzhen and help the the current collective contract which will expire in six months to better carry out it.

1. Using ER values of Pluralist
1 Connecting with the current and actual economic conditions in Chian, I think the ER value of pluralist is more suitable than the unitarist in these situation. The general philosophy of unitarist: employers and employees are harmonious and they share the common interests (Bray, Waring, Copper, Macneil, 2014 forthcoming), While, the philosophy of pluralism is the employment relationship between employers and employees has the potential for conflict because their interests are not always same and this is quit legitimately (Fox, 1973). Some people believe that they are droved by public values more than private interests, so they accept the unitarism value. However, Farnham and Pimlott said: conflict theory and pluralist theory is the origination of an alternative view of industrial relations. “The basic argument is that various pressure groups, pursuing their own sel-interest through intergroup negotiation and compromise are a basic feature of our society. In this context, the main purpose of society’s industrial relations institutions is to resole conflict within and between different industrial interest groups.”(as Provis cited Farnham and Pimlott in page 467, 1996 ) Although, in the past decades or even now, the majority of the employers hold the unitarist value in China, it is not appropriate and sustainable at now. Since 1979, the economic type has being transformed from Planned economy which was planned and set up the goal by CCP to opened economy (Kai & Brown, 2013). During this period of transforming, not only employers, but also employees are becoming more and more open mind (Dorn, 2005).The employees who have high education and good academic qualifications than the employees’ before have being realized that their interests and organizational interests are not always same, so the Chinese trade union learned to mobilize and organize the workers to achieve their individuals interests (Qingjun, W. 2010). That means as the reform and opening-up, employees have diverse ideals and goal (Jaw, Ling, Wang, & Chang, 2007). For example, some people want to get high pay, some people want to achieve a high position and some people want to exploit their talents. That is not...