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  • Published : August 29, 2013
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E Learning Application
(Pc Repair Subject)

Proponents: Bote Ricky M. ______________________ Datuin Eric Ranier D. _____________________ Lazaro Alfredo jr. F. ______________________ Malonar Roman R. ______________________ Manuel Renzel S _____________________

1. To give tutorial lessons offline.
2. To enhance the learning capabilities in pc repair.
3. To improve the knowledge of the people in pc repair.

Software Description
The E learning Application is an application that is built in .The use of this application is to help the end user to repair a PC using this application. This application is completely offline to avoid buffering and lost internet connections. This will show step by step procedure on how to repair a certain problem on your personal computer. There are also videos available to let the user watch the tutorial videos for an actual demonstration on repairing a computer. There are labelled tabs that the user can choose from or search a topic or tutorial to be view. After each tutorial the user will be ask if he/she wants to take a quiz and after every quiz the result will be shown.

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* Approved
* Disapproved
* Approved with Revision

Engineer Reagan B. Ricafort, BSCOE,MSCS

Patient Medical Record System

Proponents: Bote Ricky M. ______________________ Datuin Eric Rainier D. _____________________ Lazaro Alfredo jr. F. ______________________ Malonar Roman R. ______________________ Manuel Renzel S _____________________

1. To give the needed information quickly.
2. To access the record more accurate.
3. To minimize lost and duplicated records.

Software Description
Medical Record System is a kind of system that is built in database. This system will be programmed in Visual Basic.Net with the MS Access database. It can help the work of people by using this system because in ordinary record files we use a paper work, and it is possible to flush a patient's record. But in this system they provide a proper record of a patient, and in this system we can see the personal...
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