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  • Published : March 26, 2014
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Superheroes of the Past and Present
In the article “American Superheroes and the Politics of Good and Evil,” Jiri G. Ruzicka lays it out from when comics were first becoming popular to comics today and how big the different is. Comics were originated in the late 1800s. However, they did not become very popular till the 1930s. They gained there popularity during a time of economic recession. Superheroes have always had one thing in common; they always fight for the good in things and are always victorious. Also, Superheroes are traditionally always lean to the right on the political spectrum as they try to protect the traditional societal values. During the cold war the superheroes fought against evil soviets and then during the time period of 911, the villains were looked at as terrorists. In the 1960s’ comics were changed for the purpose of children. They became less scary, used less vulgar language, and the violence was hidden between panels. This time period of underground comic book writings were referred to as commix. Ruzicka states how the villains of superheroes changes as the perception of society changes and he does a good job on conveying this point through this article by showing all of the different ways that comic writing has changed.

Society changes all of the time and things need to change with it to keep its popularity. This is exactly what the writing of comics has done. Each and every time there is a major change or disaster in the world, they story behind superheroes and villains changed accordingly to fit the situation. I favor almost everything that Ruzicka says in this article. Comics become popular when times were at the worst it’s ever been. It helped people cope with the bad situations they were in and it also gave them an escape from reality. The 1930s’ was the time of the Great Depression and people looked at comics as a way to get out of bad situations they were in and gave them a change to see someone save the city or world from...
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