Proof God Exists

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  • Published : June 11, 2013
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How Reason Further Validates God’s Existence

What real evidence is there to support God’s existence? Many people have trouble with relying on faith alone to believe in such things. Some of those people may ask this question often. Although we may have a strong faith and believe firmly that God exists, we should still look to strengthen our knowledge and understanding of our faith. Our faith is all supported and based on God. That is why it would make sense to start by examining God, and proof He exists. There are many theories to prove God’s existence, one of the most famous by St. Thomas Aquinas and his five proofs. These proofs are one of the most simple to understand, and yet at the same time very deep and true. They can help bring us closer to our faith and help many to find faith. The first of the five proofs is often called “The Proof of Motion.” This theory helps in proving God’s existence by using science. Motion is all around us. Anything and everything in motion now, was at one point moved by another force and so on. This cycle continues throughout all motion that happens. But we must think that if all motion was caused by a force, and that force by another, how would the first movement to start the cycle happen, if the cycle itself had not started? There is only one logical answer to this, and the answer is an infinite force or mover that must have been of all power to cause that force. This mover, we call God. The next proof is called “The Proof of Efficient Cause.” This theory explains that everything has a maker. An example, a painting. The painting was made by an artist, the artist, their parents, and so on. However, if this cycle continues, how were the first people made? They must have been made by something, otherwise there would be nothing existent today, but there is. So that proves that at one point there must have been something in which was an “uncaused cause.” Something that had not been made by something, but was always existent. That...
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