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  • Published : November 26, 2014
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Stop Alien Abductions
Daniel Luong

The article explained how a helmet made from velostat can potentially stop aliens from abducting humans as stated by former abductees and also states that many people whom have used velostat helmets have not been abducted since 1999 with an exception in 1998 where a person was supposedly abducted. Reading further into the article, a hidden assumption I read is that the believers of the helmet all assume that aliens communicate to humans via telepathy and that blocking the aliens from using telepathy can potentially save a person from being abducted wheatear the person has never or have been abducted . The believers of the helmet had no real evidence of the helmets actually working other than the people claiming to have been abducted, currently wearing them have not been abducted (However there has been one supposed failure in 1998). In my opinion I think a more plausible explanation for these claims is that the person who thought of the helmets might be trying to advertise the sale of velostat or its substitute linkqstat since the helmet is made by having at least eight layers of velostat while also. Another possible explanation I think is that since these people believed they have been abducted, they might be traumatized from the experience and wish for a sense of security that the helmets can provide whether the helmets work or not. Pseudoscience

The view of the article falls under two of the criteria for pseudoscience; Uses loose and distorted logic and only vaguely explains how conclusions are reached. The article uses loose logic by simply implying that velostat stops any form of telepathy from affecting people, while insisting that people all over the world use the helmet with no one being abducted since 1998 and insiting the helmet works. The article also rushes to state that the helmets work well since no one had been abducted since 1998, but to a person that does not believe in aliens, no one being abducted would be normal ,but a person being abducted because an alien used telepathy on them would make no sense whatsoever to them. Baloney Detection

The article violates three points in the boloney detection kid such as; not playing by the rules of science, no one has tried to disprove the evidence, and having positive evidence. The article starts off not playing by the rules of science since the believers do not try to experiment if their helmet was working or not such as testing it out, and neither have any evidence if the velostat was effective in blocking any kind of telepathy. The second point is that no one has tried to disprove the claim that these helmets protect against alien telepathy or any type of telepathy at all, the inventor of the helmet simply stitched a helmet with layers of velostat and stated that it was effective against telepathy, even though there have been no evidence that it works against anything at all. The third and final point is that the claim that the helmets protect against alien telepathy supports no positive claims that the helmets prevent telepathy other than their word that the helmets work with no explainable reason why it works and nothing else other than saying that it simply works.


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