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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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PART A TASK: 1. To read and understand the research article by Thang, Ting, and Nurjanah Mohd Jaafar (2011, 40-54) entitled ‘Attitudes and Motivation of Malaysian Secondary Students towards learning English as a second Language: A Case Study’ published in The Southeast Asian Journal of English Language Studies Vol. 17 No.1 2. To write a summary of the article as instructed by the TMA question.| OBJECTIVES| 1. To show students an example of how studies in psychology are conducted. Thus, further enlighten students on the topic of psychology as a scientific discipline. 2. To introduce and familiarize students to peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals. This is to train students into learning to understand academic materials and incorporate their assignments and projects.| EVALUATION| The summary carries 30 marks of the total grade:| CHECK LIST| Make sure your summary contains the following:1. The problems/behaviors under study. 2. The objectives and significance of the study3. Research questions/hypotheses.4. The research variables.5. Research methods and measurements used6. Findings/results|

PART BTASK: To discuss on humans’ learning motivation from the following perspectives: 1.| Psychodynamic| 4.| Biological| 2.| Behaviorist| 5.| Humanistic|
3.| Cognitive| | |
The focus on your essay should be on the reasons humans are motivated to learn and how this question is answered by psychologists from different perspectives. The main objective of this assignment to build students’ understanding on different perspectives and thoughts in psychology. Evaluation 1. Total score for this part of the assignment is 70 marks. The scoring rubric is as the followings: a. Introduction (10 marks) b. Contents (50 marks) c. Organization/language/references (10 marks) 2. You are evaluated based on you ability to show understanding of the...
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