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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Chapter 13
* Examples such as UFO sightings, cow mutilations by aliens, and crop circles demonstrate how ____social comparison_____________ can lead to mass hysteria and collective delusions. * The main task of the Solomon Asch studies was judging line lengths>>> conformity * one third

* How many confederates did Asch find maximized the likelihood of conformity occurring? B) 4 * parametric studies
* Masami, a Japanese female
* Autokinetic effect
* Deindividuation is the tendency of people to engage in atypical behaviour when stripped of their usual identities. * Zimbardo concluded from his Stanford prison study that prisoners and guards adopted their designated roles more easily than anyone might have imagined because of deindividuation. * The Indianapolis Colts

* Except openness to differing opinions
* Finding holes in all arguments that go against the group’s desires * The 1986 Challenger space shuttle explosion was the result of groupthink. * Cults are to _______________ as Abu Ghraib is to _______________.

C) groupthink; deindividuation
* and is effective at immunizing people from undesirable beliefs.
B) inoculation effect: is the treatment in which people are first introduced to the reasons why a belief seems to be correct, and then exposed to the reasons why the belief is incorrect. * Zimbardo is to ________________ as Milgram is to _________________. A) deindividuation; obedience

* The “banality of evil” refers to the idea that: perfectly normal citizens who follow orders blindly are responsible for most wickedness in the world. * C) 62%
* Proximity condition: 40%
* Someone who read about bystander intervention research * Altruism: helping others for unselfish reason
* the enlightenment effect. : Learning about psychological research can change real-world behaviour for the better. * Beau, who was raised in Savannah>>> physical...
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