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  • Published : April 14, 2014
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There has been an issue when a father shot her daughter’s laptop and uploaded the video on YouTube for teaching her a lifetime lesson. The girl was actually betraying the family since years by spreading wrongs news of cruelties of the family with her. While in reality, the family was behaving in a very caring and routine way (Ferguson, 2012). The incident gives rise to many queries. Was the girl suffering from some sort of split personality syndrome? Was whole of the family suffering from some sort of behavioural disorder because the father’s reaction is also questionable to a great extent (Ferguson, 2012)? Social Media is used as barometer for measuring health of online and offline relationships in almost all countries around the globe (Ellison & Steinfield et al., 2007). The unchecked and unverified behavioural perceptions and expectations mislead the users, often. Likes, dislikes, flood of friends and comments on status updates build various beliefs about relations (Brass & Butterfield et al., 1998). Social media, in fact, has put loyalty of online and offline relations to serious questions. Despite the fact that the social media is used for the purpose of communication, the media can also act as a tool for diagnosing conditions such as behavioural disorder, split personality syndrome, and the general health of online and offline relationships. The social media can be used as a diagnostic tool for behavioural disorder. Becker, Alzahabi and Hopwood (2013) indicate that the social media anxiety disorder is an example of behavioural disorders associated with the social media users. Evidently, the social media anxiety disorder arises in cases where the social media affects the physical and the mental health of the social media user. Arguably, Settipani and Kendall (2013) stipulates that the persons who engage in discussions over the social media platform always fear that the discussion may bring about feelings of judgement, self consciousness,...
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