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  • Published : August 29, 2013
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Republic of the Philippines
Cavite State University – Bacoor Campus
Soldiers IV, phase II Molino IV, City of Bacoor

Let’s Groom my PET

In Partial Fulfilment on the Degree in
Bachelor of Science in Business Management – Marketing

A Partnership of:
Castilla, Neil Patrick F.
Villasis, Abegail H.
4th year, 1st Semester, SY: 2013

Ms. Maiden Grace A. Gan

The business are partnership by the owner of Mr. Neil P. F. Castilla as the President and Ms. Abegail H. Villasis as a Vice President of the the business “Let’s Groom My PET”. This business started during their college days, they conceptualize a business according to their passion, as a “pet lover”.

Let’s Groom my Pet is a pet salon that allows the entire pets and its owner to have their perfect groom needs satisfied in one convenient visit. 
There are many "pet salon" like Lets Groom my Pet, however, many of these salons, such as Cost Cutters, only provide the minimum services, whereas the upscale salons can be inconvenient due to scheduling requirements and cost. The owner of Lets Groom my Pet perceives an unfulfilled customer need to provide maximum flexibility and strong customer attention. Using this strategy, Lets Groom my Pet will gain significant market share and create critical long-term relationships with its clients.

Let`s Groom my Pet' mission is to provide reasonably priced, convenient hair styling, grooming, and selling of accessories for pets. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. 

1. To create a service-based company whose goal is to exceed customer's expectations. 2. To increase the number of clients served by at least 20% per year through superior performance and word-of-mouth referrals. 3. To develop a sustainable start-up business, contributing to increased employment of community residents.

Background of the Business

Let’s Groom my Pet provides hair styling, grooming and selling of accessories for the pets. This includes haircuts for the pets. Shampoos, Conditioners and Accessories will be offered for all the owner of the pets. Service is offered on a walk-in basis or by appointment. Let`s Groom my Pet will emphasize a customer-centric service where the customer's needs are always the priority.

Let`s Groom my Pet will also sell dress for the pets products which is forecasted to account for 15% of sales. This professional-quality supply includes different types of accessories. The customer can be Choose.

The grooming and selling accessories for the pets industry is highly fragmented with different national chains, which operates diverse franchises catering to all the market segments, and also including thousands of salons that are very restricted in scope and services. This makes for a highly competitive market that has low barriers to entry and exit. In addition, the clients of grooming and selling have significant leverage due to the low switching costs they have.

However, most companies have tried to pursue only one general strategy in gaining market share. Let’s Groom my Pet believes that it is possible to offer a differentiated service through improved customer service at no greater significant cost if the right employee incentives are provided.

II. Types of Business
Let`s groom my pet is a partnership business owned entirely by Mr. Neil Patrick Castilla and Ms. Abegail H. Villasis, located in SM South Mall at Door 5. Mr. Neil Patrick Castilla and Ms. Abegail H. Villasis will be hiring Finance, Accounting, and Marketing. They will also hire, Stylist, Cashier and Security Guard.

They will be using a partial commission basis to create incentives for superior customer attention. The more her stylists attend to the customer's needs, the more money they will make off commissions. Let`s...
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