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Review on Entwistle

Topics: Mind, Bible, Psychology Pages: 8 (1920 words) Published: June 15, 2014

Review on Entwistle
Mary Ellen Garcia
Liberty University

In the literature of Integrative Approach to Psychology and Christianity written by author David Entwistle (2010) he explains the relationship between Christianity and Psychology. Historically, there have been analyses regarding how both the theology of Christianity may or may not integrate with Psychology. David Entwistle says that “some people see Christianity only as a religious belief and psychology as a profession with very little overlap between them” (Entwistle, 2010, p.10). Entwistle offers information that demonstrates how both psychology and Christianity are designed by God and that God is the author of all truth (Entwistle, p 150). The author explains the foundation of Christianity is based on the belief in Jesus Christ as well as the bible scriptures that coincide with the teachings of the Lord in faith and truth. Entwistle also states that the “empirical methods have been central to the development of psychology as a science” (Entwistle, p. 79). The book Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity’s purpose is to assist the reader to better understand the simple combinations of both disciplines. There are various models that demonstrate the integration of the two disciplines and interpret them through our worldview. Entwistle states that “after exploring worldviews, human finitude and frailty, the place of virtues in seeking knowledge, and various means of seeking knowledge, we must ask ourselves how these all fit together” (Entwistle, p. 88). Entwistle wants the reader to explore the integration as well as the differences as they are filtered in our limited understanding and develop those concepts as the principal function of what the worldview is on the two disciplines. Entwistle explains that through epistemology we can assess our own personal beliefs and arrive to an assumption that is truthful or possibly correct. (Entwistle, 2010). Entwistle regards epistemology as an intellectual virtue that encompasses honesty, humility, respectfulness, and compassion in order to provide us with the basic tools to evaluate ourselves as well as our beliefs. Entwistle presents the reader with five models that correlate both psychology and Christianity theology as the framework in understanding both disciplines. The author states that the frameworks of the models are: Enemies, Spies, Colonialist, Neutral Parties, and Allies. Entwistle also explores the research from one of the earliest scientists, Francis Bacon who stated that there were two books of God, the Bible and creation and that these two sources were the truth. All five models use the two books and apply the worldview applications to ensue the integration of psychology and Christianity. As both disciplines are studied it is said that when problems arise or they are unwilling to see truths in both areas, they are known as Enemies. Entwistle then refers to Spies who use religion for the purposes of examining the effects it has on the population but it does not assist the client in pursuing religion. The Neutral party is able to examine both disciplines, gather information and use what is useful in an appropriate setting. The Colonist values all things through scripture solely being that “it presumes that the book of God’s Works must be viewed through the book of God’s Word” (Entwistle, p. 189). Finally, the last of the models is the Allies model “which recognizes the underlying unity of human nature and the legitimacy of both theological and psychological investigation” (Entwistle, p. 147). As Entwistle notes, all five models bring through different viewpoints or worldviews between psychology and Christian theology but as human beings we must explore all models and elaborate amongst their concepts. Entwistle provides the reader with knowledge but equally he provides simplistic viewpoints in which the reader has a better understanding...
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