The affects of new technologies in international communication

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  • Published : February 1, 2014
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Question Three: Analyse and assess the effects new technologies like online social media have on international communication. Within the past 20 years there has been a rapid change and update in technology. In comparison to how machinery, computers and other functions were in 1990 to now 2014 is completely different. Along with this there are many pros and cons in terms of the affects new technology can have on the future. One main thing is also the development and involvement of the public sphere and how that can play an integral role when dealing with international communication globally. One further issue is how computer-mediated communication is used and the impact it can have in education, Technology is rapidly expanding, predominantly internationally; hence it is a crucial way to communicate, which people rely on abundantly. This can be seen as an immensely beneficial way to interact with other people. One example is the success of the iPhone. This technological tool has heightened and modified the way people interact today, there are many features which allow individuals to connect whether they are right next to each other or across the other side of the globe. This is seen through the application that is embedded within the device called ‘Face Time’. This feature allows people to speak to each other through their iPhones in a face-to-face way through their camera. This can highly benefit people, instead of spending endless amount of money on flights, accommodation and time to arrange meetings with people both domestically and internationally, this can be a useful tool to connecting with family, friends and partners when not in contact with each other. In terms of business, new technologies are viewed as highly regarded when it comes to consultations in corporations. Skype is the one of the greatest representations of this, “Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are.” (Skype,...
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