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  • Published : August 29, 2013
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CRT On- Line Reservation System provides fast and more effective services for both the enrollees and the enrollment section of the school, with certain limitations, not with standing. This is to assist students to assure them of a high- tech system in tune with times. Students enroll at different time and date, including their courses, and their corresponding fees, which all the more moved benefit from the CRT On- Line Reservation System.

Our project is to implement CRT On- Line Reservation System that will serve as the form for the enrollees On-Line. As the modernization growth expands, many enjoy the benefits of modern technology in order to make the process feasible conserve time and effort in dealing with problems for about enrollment. In order to enjoy the benefits of modern technology, modernization may need CRT on- Line Reservation System for the academic clientele. Our project however covers only the filling up, submission of forms and paying through on-line.

1.1Statement of the problem
The intent of this study is to improve the traditional approach of the CRT enrollment system in order to provide solution for the following problems detected based from our observation: 1. Students used to consume a lot of time in doing such things. Since the students are manually filling up the official documents of the school, data redundancy has a great possibility in causing further complexity in the enrollment process. 2. The enrollment itself can pose as a problem for the students. From evaluation to validation, it is a long process, and students have to go back and forth to different offices (accounting, registrar, Vpaa) to complete the enrollment process it can be tiring and such s waste of time effort for both parties.

1.2 Objectives
To establish wider connection between CRT and incoming enrollees in terms of enrollment. * More enrollees will be more interested because it is a more convenient system of enrollment. * The employees of CRT will have less pressure in dealing with large number of enrollees who takes manual of enrollment. * It is more accessible for incoming enrollees who want to enroll wherever they are.

1.3 Importance of the work
For the past several years, there were no devices like computers being used to minimize the task of the individual until big changes occurred in technology. The evolution of computer (Software, hardware) is one of the best proofs that our technology is into rapid changes and development. Now, we have programmers who have wrestled for years with computer language, various ways of telling the computer what to do. Wordpress has more power than the other languages. Wordpress provides a full set of built in intelligent tools that create programs for the window environment that is easier, with the help of the wordpress, you can drag and drop to push program. Yet, installing wordpress is much easier than writing in code or other computer languages. Wordpress is today’s most popular content management system.

1.4 Scope and limitation
This project is specially designed for CRT On-Line Enrollment System to take appropriate steps to improve the working standards through computerization. The system will help to inquire information faster convenient to use. It includes a security in form for the user, file security, fill-up and submits the form with or without payment and students can pay their down payment through on-line.

The Design system can only be used for down payment of enrollees. Final should be made to the campus.


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