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training and dev

Topics: Trade union, Corporation, Management Pages: 4 (1298 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Case No.1:   In Jay Engineering Works after a three months strike the work had resumed. However on the very first day of resumption of work there was a problem on account of shortage of snacks in the first shift which resulted in a tool down. In the first shift on the day of resumption of work, Samosas were served as snacks for breakfast. The normal rule was that each workman should take only two pieces of snacks. However as the Samosas were tasty, the workmen started consuming more than two Samosas which resulted in shortage of Samosas. Ashok, a workman who was a very reasonable person and who was considered as very close to the management, had come late to the canteen. When he found that the Samosas were not available, he raised a hue and cry and demanded from the Canteen Officer that Samosas should be served to him and that he would not accept any other snacks except Samosas. The Canteen Officer expressed his inability to serve Samosas and instead offered to serve biscuits. Ashok declined to accept the same and once again insisted that he should be served Samosas. When the canteen Officer told Ashok that it was not possible for him to serve Samosas, Ashok got upset and took his grievance to the Union Committee members. The Union Committee members felt that this was an opportunity for them to win over Ashok to their side. They, therefore took up the cause of Ashok with the Canteen Officer. They threatened the canteen Officer that they resort to a tool down if the grievance of Ashok was not resolved. The Canteen Officer expressed his inability to serve Samosas to Ashok, but offered to serve biscuits instead. Not satisfied with the solution given by the Canteen Officer, the Union Committee members gave a call for a tool down. The activities of Jay Engineering works came to a grinding halt.

As a Personnel Manager of this Company how would you handle this case? CASE No. 2:  A Multinational Company specialised in food processing has been  operating in India...
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