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  • Published : August 15, 2013
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In this week seminar, we formed a team of 4 to 5 based on a range of criteria by doing the team roles and attributes test. Every group is distributed with a balance student’s criteria on different team roles like leader, doer, achiever, thinker and carer. With the highest score in thinker attributes among the 5 roles, I had assigned to a team of 4 acts as a thinker role. Then, a discussion was carried out within team members to address individual and group expectation, objectives, and declaration.


By forming a team with different mix attributes of students, it allowed members to leverage each other skills and abilities to produce a quality work. As an example, a leader might not have the attributes of carer which concerned that everyone is fitting in and teamwork spirit is maintained. Therefore, it ensured work efficiency by leverage a person’s abilities or skills to work on a profession or area where we are lacking. During the team discussion, it actually added the seriousness for members getting their responsibility and work done, especially while doing the declaration. This team discussion acts as a promise for us to collaborate well with each other. Moreover, researchers and practitioners has identify that a clear set of objectives is one of the factors makes a successful team (HARVARD 2007).


As a thinker, I personally found my task is very important to ensure that the each project is going to the right way. I need to be very cautious in researching information and making the best decision (PD1 2013). Although I was characterized as a thinker, however I expected to myself to learn some attributes of other roles. This is because employers are always looking for people who are able to carried different roles with the maximum working attributes and skills (AARP 2013). I also expected myself to improve in my communication skills to give a clear...
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