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  • Published : May 24, 2015
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Written Summary
Secondary Research (Religion)
Starting off with religion in the 1950s almost everyone thought and believed that every child should have some form of religious training, as this would be a build of moral values and character. By maintaining this Christian Standards people believed that this was the only way of preventing juvenile delinquency e.g. crime, misbehaviour and recklessness.

In 1952 the Australian Council for the World Council of Churches allocated a ‘Come to Church’ poster portraying children entering Sunday school with the motto ‘Sunday School-where God citizenship begins’. This was a method of trying to attract young people into the church. A statement taken out of the Queensland Methodist Times in the 1950s identified that “If parents are really anxious about the moral practices of their children they should bring them into the relationship of the church”. This meant a greater increase in Parishioners in Churches around Australia. Back in the 1950s most people went to church every Sunday and not many people had a say in whether they didn’t want to believe in god because you would just be called stupid and told not to be silly.

Nowadays you can have a massive say in whether you want to believe in God or not. Stats wise in 1954 there were 89.4% of people were Christian, 0.6% people were other religions, 0.3% peoples no religion and 9.7% people didn’t answer. In 2011 there were 61.1% were Christian, 7.2% were other religions, 22.3% had no religion and 9.4% didn’t answer. These stats show a massive incline towards being atheism and a massive decline towards Christianity. This just goes to show how much people have an opinion now and not so much back in the 1950s.

Primary Research (Religion)
Through interviewing my Grandmother, some of the answers I received were ones I was expecting. For example my first question asked was “Was going to church every week something you were expected to do as a teenager? Why?” the answer she...
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